Program : 1

Activation, Growth, Organization and fruitful utilization of Talent through basic science (Fundamentals of Physics / Chemistry/Maths) for best output of talent in JEE/NEET/Board

Dear Parents/Students
If studying at the esteemed coaching institutes is not bearing any results for you? Are you not able to score well in JEE/NEET test series? Then this program is for you. We guarantee output from the very first day. Join me in my mission to activate and improve the hidden talents of children in our society.

Program : 2

JEE / NEET / BOARD 2021 (One Year Program)

Only and Only Guaranteed Program through personal care and required extra efforts to achieve :

  1. 12th Board (CBSE/State) > 95% In Physics/Chemistry
  2. JEE (main) > 80 marks out of 100
  3. Rank promoting physics and chemistry for JEE (Advance) and BITS
  4. NEET Physics and Chemistry > 150 marks in each subject out of 180 marks