Why ShuklaSir’s BEST IITJEE INSTITUTE is Best for your Child!!


“Then we start Guaranteed Program through personal care and required extra efforts”

Q. Why only and only guaranteed program for JEE / NEET chemistry by Shukla sir ?

A. Dear Parents/Students, through my journey of almost 20 years of teaching as a great and successful chemistry professor for IIT/NEET, I’ve only had one thing to say to my peers. It is suffice to say that the conclusion is completely based on experience and it stands for itself when I say, that every student should be capable to enjoy the best of their brain through the miraculous content that they have in their science books i.e Chemistry. My belief is that if a student enjoys the academic ride of chemistry throughout with guided mode of perfection, then >70% score (JEE/NEET) would look like child’s play. I assure you, this mode of perfection is guaranteed because we provide a path for all the students where goals can be achieved through personal care and the definitely needed extra efforts.

1. IITians, Engineers and Doctors as Teachers

2. Conveniently Located Centres

3. Technology Aided Classrooms

4. Step by step Focused Plan to improve performance

5. Healthy Competitive Environment – other winners – group studies

6. Regular Doubt Solving Sessions

7. Well Researched Study Material – Printed as well as ENotes (Taken from Top Reference Books)

8. Regular Pen Paper Tests and Feedback

9. Anytime Learning – Recorded Lectures

10. Anytime Testing – Online Testing Platform with immediate feedback with Progress Report

Why ShuklaSir's BEST IITJEE INSTITUTE is Best for your Child!!
Why ShuklaSir’s BEST IITJEE INSTITUTE is Best for your Child!!