Dear Parents/Students,
The ruthless transition of coal (zero) to diamond (genius) is what defines going above and beyond for students in India. Let’s put an end to advertising prodigy students to misguide a naive crowd of the average intellect & instead focus on finding a smart way of teaching through input of expert (leaders) to create maximum number of trend makers in our country by activation, growth, organization and 100% output based utilization of talent. Take a step in the right direction and join us and we’ll ensure that our children enjoy every moment of their life in tandem with their academic goals and not be fooled by a system that panders to the emotionally detached and mentally disoriented students of the 20th century.

Experience :

  1. Narayana Hyderabad
  2. Aakash Delhi
  3. IIT Ashram Badodara
  4. JEE NEET Board integrated program – Centre Point School, Nagpur
  5. JEE NEET Board integrated program – Bavans Vidya Mandir, Nagpur